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date: 04/28/24 | mood: smitten

my epic 4 step plan to get biches has worked /silly holy crapola dude its like a motherfucking rom com up in this bitch. i was doing so shitty these past few days but guess what. this guy has gone and bagged himself a moirail. hells yeah. to all those folks unaware of what that is or the miracle of pale feelings for another bro lemme paraphrase what was said in the comic - its like "platonic soulmates" but its still romance. basically like kissing the homies. its fucking AWESOME. i love my moirail almost as much as i like to rap, dont tell her that tho, shell nag me for being a soppy dork

date: 04/25/24 | mood: homosexual

yesterday kinda fucking sucked but like whatever i cant let the bad shit get me down. too much good shit outweighing the bad. got some dope ass roasts in on my broskis, and, big w for the ol relationship department. this lucky son of a bitch bagged himself a sweet babe. hed probably be pissed asf at me for calling him that but i dont rlly give a fuck. not gonna ramble here for like 100k words about my sweet gay love cus thats boring as shit. imagine im doing it tho, to rub it into your loser virgin face LMAO

date: 04/16/24 | mood: joyous

bro today has been so dope. boutta eat some hot dogs and noodles for my dinner, got a new dope ass laptop. cant wait to do so much epic gaming on this bad boy. and art. holy shit dawg. i wanna draw more stupid ass comics, i need sbahj beyond canon or some shit. coming this summer, or whatever, keep your eyes out.